• BLY3指挥操作自力式压力调节阀(氮封阀)

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      该阀压力设定在指挥器上实现,方便、快捷,压力设定值在运行中也可随意调整;控制精度高,适合阀前P≤1MPa,阀后<10kPa, 用于开关控制,不能连续控制,但精度要求高的场合。它广泛应用于化工、石油、冶金、电力、轻纺等工业部门中用作生产过程的自动调节。特别适用于储罐氮封系统。该阀减压比:1:100。


    BLY3 pilot-operated regulator is one kind of energy-saving control valve which it can adjust according to medium pressure and stabilize outlet pressure as a constant without any external energy source.

    It is convenient and quickly for setting pressure value on the pilot and can adjust the set value in operating at will. It features with high precision for high required occasion wher it is used to only shut-off (P1≤1MPa,P2<10kPa). It is widely applicable for chemistry engineering, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, light and textile industries .etc. It is especially suitable for tank nitrogen sealed system. Reduction ratio is 1:100.

    This series is only one typeBLY34O-16B.

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