• BLW3高性能硬密封蝶阀

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    BLW3 High performance hard sealed butterfly valve, whose sealing surface is a conical type, has an eccentric angle in the horizontal center, the valve stem relative to the flow channel center has two distance biases in its axial and the radial direction, thus the frictionless action between the gasket of the disc and the sealing face of the seat before valve closing is available. The pressure angle is larger than the friction angle on the sealing face to realize the extra-low open resisting force and rapid closing automatic tally sealing action. The valve features with advanced construction, reliable seal, long life, low cost, etc. It is an economical practical automatic control valve providing both control and cut-off functions and uses to the fluid services with large flow, low pressure dro and low seat leakage.

    The product complies with GB/T4213-2008 standard.

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