• BLP2波纹管密封单座调节阀

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            BLP2波纹管密封单座调节阀阀芯采用上导结构,阀体结构紧凑,流体通道呈S型,具有压降损失小,流量大,可调范围广,流量特性精度高,符合IEC534-2-1976标准。调节阀泄漏量符合ANSI B16.104标准。其上阀盖采用波纹管密封结构,适用于极毒、易燃易爆易挥发和稀有贵重金属介质的。另外该阀也可用在真空的场合。
           调节阀泄漏量符合ANSI B16.104标准。调节阀配用多弹簧薄膜执行机构,其结构紧凑,输出力大。


           BLP2 Bellows Seal Single Seated Control Valves with a top-guided valve plug, a compact valve body and an S-shape flow passage which features low pressure loss, large flow capacity, wide rangeability and high accuracy flow characteristics. The design complies with the IEC534-2-1976 standards and the leakage complies with the ANSI B16.104 standards. The bonnet with bellows seal is suitable for highly toxic, flammable, explosive, volatile process fluid and rare metal. Moreover, this valve is also available in vacuum situation.

           The leakage rate accords with ANSI B16.104 standard. The compact size and large output force are available when the control valve is combined with multi-spring diaphragm actuator or cylinder actuator.

           This product complies with the GB/T4213-2008 standards.



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