• 高性能偏心旋转控制阀

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           Along with the rapidly development of each industry in these years, the automatic control system needs better and better valves, which must be reliable, ultralight, complete function, multipurpose and easy operation, also should with advanced technology and extensive application prospect. Therefore, our company research and development the
    High-performance eccentric valve which already widely applied on over thousands control system. No matter was applying for the regulation of coal slurry or paper pulp, even in the environment of high temperature, high pressure, heavy caliber, large pressure difference and nuclear power testing apparatus, our valves show perfect property and won widespread commend.
           Proof by facts, as the second generation regulating valve, specially the characteristic of full-featured, our products must could substitution the current single seated valve (Dn≥20), double seated valve, telescopic valve, CV3000, diaphragm valve, eccentric rotary valve, ball valve, butterfly valve(DN≤400) etc products and become the mainstream product of 21th century.
           The main characteristic of ourHigh-performance eccentric valve:
    ①In light weight: the weight is 50%~70% less than old valve;
    ②Complete function: one valve could substitution over 10 types of old valve;
    ③High reliability: lots of unreliable factor were solved;
    ④Simplicity: the calculation, type selection, installation, maintain, spare parts management all in easy way.


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